What will you be thinking when you take the one last breath?

What will you be thinking when you take the one last breath?

Did I live my life to the fullest, or did I waste the opportunities I was given?

Was I a good father, mother, husband or wife?

Did I treat others well, or didn’t I?

One thing, which I can imagine myself thinking, when faced with the final hour, is “Did I live my life to the fullest, or did I waste the opportunities I was given? “

“Did I take the most out of the opportunities, which were offered to me, or was I lazy, timid and ineffective?”

Did I – as much as – even try?

Life cannot be planned to the full 100%. We never know, whether we will get up in the morning for the last time. However, it should not prevent us from trying.

Life is a huge opportunity for experiencing an enormous amount of wonderful things. Life is an opportunity for many personal and shared experiences with others. Life is a staggering opportunity to share moments with others, and to gain amazingly wonderful things.

It is unfortunate, how many people waste their opportunities, year after year, never even trying out the things they would really like to do in life.

Many of us are longing for a change in our lives. Many are longing to experience something entirely different. Many are dissatisfied, bored, depressed, but are still not trying to make changes in their lives.


Because many of us are afraid of change.

Many people are afraid of failure. They are afraid of something that does not necessarily even exist. Many are afraid of new and different things. Many are afraid of taking risks.

That’s right. RISKS.

What if something bad happens? What if I lose the money? What if my reputation goes? What if I also lose something else?

Yesterday, I said to my wife I was going to run 15-20km, to which my wife responded, “You can’t go! The road surface conditions are terrible out there.”

”So?”, I stated. ”I will find the spots, in which I am not going to slip. At least, I am going to give it a go. If it doesn’t work out, I will come back. But at least, I will go and try”.

Anything can happen in life. If we are afraid of every challenge and problem, we are never going to achieve anything.

If running, and looking after my physical well-being, is important to me, I am not going to let small challenges prevent me from running. If my own business is important to me, I am not going to allow small – or even bigger – challenges to prevent me from succeeding.

If freedom to make choices in life is important to me, I am not going to allow anything or anyone to prevent me from achieving it.

Life is a unique experience. I do not believe that I will be reborn as a cow to strut around. With every second, I have less time to fully live out this huge opportunity.

If I want to live my life to the fullest – if I want to come to acknowledge what a terrific journey it has been, when the lights are dimmed for the one last time – I am not going to allow anyone or anything to prevent me from doing all that I want.

So many people live their lives over-cautiously, without the awareness that EVERYTHING in life involves a risk. Every moment has its own risks, whether big or small.

The moment of our birth is the first risk we face. The umbilical cord of my daughter had been tangled around her neck during the labour, and there was a need to get her out quickly, because of the risk of strangulation. Half a year later, she nearly died, due to rotavirus. Nowadays, she trains figure skating. Sometimes, while training, she has hit her head to the ice really badly.

Despite all this, she is super positive, and lives her life to the fullest. She does exactly what she wants, with a positive and optimistic attitude.

A long time ago, I used to spend my winters in the French Alps, climbing and skiing down the mountains. We experienced some staggering moments on these big mountains. The risks were sometimes extremely high, and unfortunately some of my friends were overpowered by an avalanche or glacier crevasses.

However, we did not allow challenges at any point prevent us from doing things that carried a huge importance to us at that age. All of those experiences are retained in our memories for the rest of our lives, and even today, they serve to inspire us in a powerful way.

Life is actually such a risky business that none of us survive it….🙂

OVER-CAUTIOUSNESS is one of the hindrances for change and success.

Three years ago, I completely stopped consuming alcohol. After that, I have not had another drop. I am planning not to consume any of it, as long as I live. Three years ago, I was thinking, “Oh my goodness, can I not have a glass of whisky, ever again?”

The change was scary, but my will to improve the quality of life was significantly greater. My will to lead a more positive, rich and happy life overcame the fear of change.

Over-cautiousness prevents us from achieving our goals. Over-cautiousness, actually, prevents us even from trying. If we don’t try, we become resentful, and finally, bored. We blame the government, taxation, relatives, neighbors etc. for our misery.

Instead, we should stop and look into the mirror. The change starts WITHIN ourselves.

I have a 100% responsibility for my own life, and for the changes that I make. I am the only one, who can develop my life towards the direction I want it to go. No one else is responsible for that.

Don’t ask life to provide you with security. Ask for an ADVENTURE!

There have been many bad things in my life, from the alcoholism of my father to my own. However, through will power and an active approach, I have been able to balance them out with an enormous amount of valuable adventures, both in my freetime, as well as in business.

I have received opportunities to meet staggeringly amazing people from many different cultures. I have seen the sun rise above the mountains, as I have stepped out from the snow cave in the height of 3500 meters. I have been able to experience fine moments with neat people in amazing places.

I am grateful for all of that, but I want more as long as I journey on this planet. I will not settle to live in a small and boring way, but day after day, I am looking for an adventure. One short run on the terrain of a Finnish countryside can remain as a memorable adventure among thousands of runs. However, even that does not take place, unless I put my trainers on, and step out despite the risks.

It is better to live 30 years of full adventure than 100 years of boredom and depression.

Jim Rohn said, ”It’s not important how long you live, what’s important HOW you live”.

A pessimist sees a problem in every challenge. A pessimist in me sees everything in a negative light, while the optimist perceives everything as a huge opportunity.

Do you want to live your life as a pessimist or an optimist?

For a pessimist, a glass is always half empty. For an optimist, it is always half full.

Why does the same thing appear so different to two different people?

Because they look at it through two different attitudes. One through pessimism, and the other, through optimism. The manner, and the attitude, we observe life with, has a strong influence on how we live and experience life.

You might think, ”What does it matter, how we live? There will be an end to all of this, anyway. The sun is going to become a red giant that swallows the Earth. The awareness is going to exist no more, and nothing will remain.”

This is maximising pessimism. Despite all this, I am going to make the most of my life, as long as it is possible.

Poor thinking leads to a poor life. Rich thinking leads to a rich life.

Our mind has an enormous power. It can guide us to a very poor and dull life, or to a rich and monumental life. It all depends on our own attitude and approach.

If YOU do not control your own mind, someone else will.

Year 2018 has begun. The question is, “how can YOU make the most of this year, and how will you achieve your goals? “.

I am organising a brand new online training, and again, free of charge. Through this course, I am going to teach you how to form a really firm plan for the year, but that is not all. I will also equip you with the tools, in order to achieve the goals stated in your plan.

Most of the people set themselves goals, never achieving them. Why? Because they do not have a clear, functional SYSTEM, through which to attain the goals. In this training, I will teach you my system, which has helped me achieve my goals. With it, I am also going to reach the extremely high goals I have set for 2018.

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After a long grey period, there is sunlight, passing through the window. It is time to put on the running shoes and head out to Hyde Park. There is a promise of a little big adventure in the air…. Among all the others…


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Marko Pyhajarvi

Highly experienced business author, speaker, coach and consultant living in London, UK. Addicted to endurance training and trailrunning. Live your life to the fullest.